Kadıoğlu Group of Companies has started its business activities in Fig and Cotton production centre in 1905, engaging in industrial and commercial activities in these fields.

With its high quality products, the KADI brand is one of the most prominent brands in the dry fruit field not only in Turkey, but all over the world .

Since its establishment, KADIOGLU Flour Mill has created a brand which has become famous not only within the borders of Turkey, but also with reference to its exports to abroad thanks to its high-quality, healthy and extensive product portfolio, made with high quality wheat, endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture. With a capacity of 150 tons/day in its first year of establishment, the principle of our mill is to produce the best flour that meets the needs of our esteemed comsumers. As a result of its successful development, KADIOGLU flour mill’s daily production capacity has reached 300 tons as of today.

With a 100% increase in the production capacity, KADIOGLU Flour Mill aims at bringing the latest technology to the flour industry.


As a family company, KADIOGLU is run by a professional management team deriving from a successful combination of its heritage of experience and its young and dynamic new generation.


Our factory, with an annual turnover of $20,000,000, continues to grow in the fields of cotton and dried fruit exports, flour production, feed production and textile exports in the province of Izmir, the largest export harbor of Turkey, for the past 50 years.